Last Call At The Gladstone Hotel
When aggressive developers purchase a crumbling flophouse hotel, to turn it into an arts and music hot spot, long-time staff and residents worry they’ll be squeezed out.

LastCallAtTheGladstoneHotel_PosterThe developers’ plan–a gradual restoration seeing staff and residents remain upstairs while the bar serves designer drinks to affluent clientèle downstairs–doesn’t work. An experimental filmmaker, inherits the mess and forms a “business model that includes social change,” but the hotel has the last word. City inspectors demand complete rewiring, the boiler blows up, ceilings leak, walls crumble and everybody’s got to go. Shot over five years in a cinema direct style, this intimate and compelling portrait of the effects of urban renewal upon the poor, reveals the unintentional roles we often play in gentrification.
“A bare-bones elegy for a below-the-radar class, NNNN”
– Now Magazine
“Incredibly human and moving… definitely a must see, CCCC”
– Chartattack
“A terrifically astute, conscientious and engaged work… painfully incisive”
– Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star
“Astute and quietly scathing.”
– John Doyle, Globe and Mail