90min/ Web Series / 30min Documentary

What exactly do we mean by “it takes a village?



Sugar Coated

Feature Length/ 57min Documentary 

How the food industry sugar-coated science, sweetened the food supply, and seduced a planet, one spoonful at a time. 

2016 Donald Brittian Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Program



The Barber of Augusta

Short Documentary




West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson

95 min / 60 min / 47 min – Documentary –by Michèle Hozer & Peter Raymont 

Canadian Cinema Editors Award | Best Editing In A Documentary

              Audience Award Best Feature Film | Domestic Arrivals Film Festival 

              Best Editing Of A Documentary | Amsterdam Film Festival

              Directors Guild of Canada Allan King Award | Excellence In Documentary 




Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould 

109 min – Documentary – Co-Directed by Michèle Hozer & Peter Raymont 

Emmy Award for American Masters Outstanding Documentary 

Gemini Award for Best Biography Documentary

Academy Award Shortlist for Best Documentary Feature
Nominated for Canadian Cinema Editors Award

Golden Sheaf Award, Best Arts and Culture Doc






In The Age of AI

FRONTLINE explores the promise and perils of AI. The documentary traces a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our lives, our jobs and our world, and allow the emergence of the surveillance society.




The Reckoning:  Hollywood’s worst Kept Secret 

Writer and Editor



In Search of a Perfect World


Nominated for Canadian Cinema Editors Award



A Jihad in The Family

CBC  Directed by Eileen Thalenberg



Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children 

82 min / 57 min – Documentary – Directed by Patrick Reed 

When you’ve been to hell and back, how do you shake the memories? 

est Biographical Documentary | Gemini Awards

Silver Lei Award | Honolulu International Film Festival

Official Selection | Toronto International Film Festical

Shortlisted for the Academy Awards Best Documentary Feature 



Inside The Murdoch Empire 




The Team 

82 min / 57 min – Documentary – Directed by Patrick Reed 



That’s My Time 

67 min – Documentary – Directed by Adamm Liley 

“Cancer has my body but not my spirit, and I’ll continue to make jokes, not so much about cancer,but in spite of it.”

– Irwin Barker 

pastedGraphic.pngBest Canadian Documentary | Atlantic Film Festival 



Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma 

90 min / 46 min – Documentary – Directed by Patrick Reed 

Excellence in Filmmaking on International Development | Deborah Fletcher Award 

Gold Medal Audience Award | Vancouver Amnesty Festival

Special Jury Prize (Outstanding Canadian Documentary) | CIFF 



A Promise To The Dead: The Exile of Journey of Ariel Dorfman 

90 min / 52 min / 48 min – Documentary – Directed by Peter Raymont 

Best Social/Political Documentary | Gemini Award

Shortlisted for the Academy Awards Best Documentary Feature 

Emmy Nomination Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft:  Editing



Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel 

65 min – Documentary – Directed by Derreck Roemer & Neil Graham 

Best Direction in a Documentary Series | Gemini Award 



Shake Hands With The Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire 

90 min / 56 min / 52 min – Documentary – Directed by Peter Raymont 

“The film is part therapeutic personal exorcism and part passionate humanitarian indictment.Raymont’s documentary uses the lingering trauma of one man as a way of opening on largerquestionsof global indifference and responsibility”

– Geoff Pevere, TORONTO STAR 

Winner of Best Documentary | Emmy Award

Audience Award, World Cinema Documentary | Sundance Film Festival

Best Feature Length Documentary | World Congress of History Producer’s Award

Best Canadian Program | Playback Magazine 



Can’t Stop Now

Featuring: Karen Kain, Martine Van Hamel, Sabine Kupferberg, Gary Chryst, Gerard Lemaître, Jeanne Solan



Streets of Encounter 

52 min – Documentary – Directed by Eileen Thalenberg 

Best Arts Documentary | Prix Gemeaux

Silver Chris Award (Best in Category) | Ohio Film Festival 



China Rises: Episode 1 – Party Games 

180 min – Documentary – Directed by Neil Docherty & Mark Starowicz 

Best Documentary Series | Gemini Award 



Tsepong: A Clinic Called Hope 

42 min / 44 min / 49 min – Documentary – Directed by Patrick Reed 

“Tsepong: A Clinic Called Hope is a remarkable, hopeful story.”

– John Doyle, GLOBE & MAIL 

Excellence of Filmmaking in International Development | Deborah Fletcher Award United Nations Association UNAFF Vues D’Afrique Pan-Africa International Film Festival 



Sorefet: A Special Scribe 

54 min – Documentary – Directed by Daniel Zuckerbot & Donna Zuckerbot 

“Sorefet is a thought-provoking documentary that is well worth watching.”




The Passionate Eye: Return To Sender 

Television Special (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) – Directed by Mary Anne Alton 

The Baby Human II 3-part Series – 

Television Special (Discovery Health) – Directed by Elleen Thalenberg & Ellis

The Chris Award | Columbus International Film Festival 



Into The Light 

46 min – Television Special (Discovery Health) – Directed by Peter Raymont 



Class Queers 

40 min – Documentary – Directed by Melissa Levin & Roxana Spicer 



Arctic Dreamer: The Lonely Quest Of Viljhalmur Stefansson 

72 min – Documentary – Directed by Peter Raymont 

Chris Award (Best Social Issues Documentary) | Columbus International Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival 



The Undefended Border 

3-part Series – Television Documentary Series – Directed by Peter Raymont 

Bronze Plaque Award (Social Issues) | Columbus International Film Festival 



The Baby Human I 

3-part Series – Television Special (Discovery Health) – Directed by Elleen Thalenberg & EllisVision 

Gold Camera Award in Sciences, Research & Exploration | U.S. International Film Festival

Gold Plaque | TVFest Chicago International Television Competition 

Witness: Diet Wars 

Television Special (CBC) – Directed by Marrin Cannell and Ted Remerowski 



Suroît / Wind In Their Sails

VisionTV– Directed by E. Thalenberg 

The Making of The Gospel John 

180 min – Feature Film – Directed by Philip Saville 



Graveyard Shift 

6-part Series – 46 min Directed by Lindalee Tracey &Peter Raymont 

pastedGraphic_1.pngBest Photography in a Documentary Film | Gemini Award 


13-part Series – Television Special (Life Network) – Directed by Daniel Zuckerbot 




In Stillness & In Motion

Directed by Eileen Thalenberg



Driving Dreams 

60min Documentary – Directed by David Langer 



Turning Points of History: Yom Kippur War 

(History Channel) – Directed by Nadine Péqueneza 



Naked In New York 

29 min – Documentary Short – Directed by Stefan Randström Safe Kids, 



Safe Streets Television Documentary (CTV)  

Directed by Ann Kennard 



Northrop Frye: A Love Story 

Faces Biography Series (History Channel) – Directed by Daniel Zuckerbot 



The Nature of Things: Races For The Future 

Directed by Michael Allder 

Best Picture Editing in an Information Program or Series | Gemini Award 



Dai Vernon: Spirit of Magic 

Canadians Biography Series – Television Documentary (History Channel) – Directed by  Daniel Zuckerbrot