Darby MacInnisDarby’s narrative work as a film editor has been celebrated internationally at film festivals worldwide as well as in his native Toronto at the Toronto International Film Festival, Reel Asian International Film Festival and the Canadian Film Centre’s Worldwide Short Film Festival. Notable film credits include Secret Trial 5 (2014), Banana Bruises (2007), Soap (2009) and Miklat (2013).

In the documentary sphere, Darby developed his craft working under one of Canada’s finest documentary film director/editors, Michèle Hozer. It was during these years that Darby refined his philosophical approach to post-production while learning the meticulous inner workings of the entire post-production process, working on some of Canada’s most widely distributed and recognized documentary films, such as Triage (2008), the Glenn Gould biography The Genius Within (2009), The Team (2010), The West Wind (2011) and Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children (2013), all produced by the award-winning production company White Pine Pictures.